What Is the Labor Cost to Install a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is often a lifesaver when the lights go out during a storm. While installing a standby generator may require the help of a professional, it is also a worthy investment if you want long-term peace of mind. So, what would this labor cost, and what are the benefits you would receive from the help of a professional?

In this blog we will break down the full cost of installing a generator and the different factors that could impact it. We’ll also share how we can install your generator at a fraction of the up-front cost.

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Investing in a whole-house generator can be a big step. Fortunately, Generator Supercenter offers several financing options, as low as $125 per month, to make it more manageable. This can save you from sizeable up-front payments.

Breaking Down the Labor

Setting up a standby generator is a multi-step process, and you may have several questions about what it entails. Learning more about this process can empower you to make informed decisions about your generator.

Site Preparation

Before setting up the generator, the company needs to ensure the area is level and clear of debris. This prevents wear and tear caused by the generator being at an angle or dirt entering intakes. The process often includes installing a small concrete pad. This acts as a permanent base for the generator, ensuring its stability. 

Another thing the company will need to do is ensure you can access the generator. This may include clearing out hedges or otherwise opening access to a blocked-off area.

Electrical Work

Installers will need to connect the device to your home’s electrical panel. After this, they should install switches to ensure safe power transfer. A professional company will also follow local codes and regulations to help prevent fires or other dangers.

Depending on the company and local laws, they may also hire an inspector to check the installation. This provides an extra set of eyes to make sure everything is safe.

Gas Line Installation

If you choose a gas or propane generator, you will need a supply gas line. If you do not have one, professionals can install these quickly and safely.

Regional Labor Differences

The location of your home can also affect the installation process. Hiring an installation expert will help you easily navigate local regulations and labor availability. This will ensure your generator installation runs without a hitch.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some areas encounter frequent environmental factors that are more likely to warrant purchasing a generator. If you live in a location like that, working with a professional installer is well worth the investment to give you proper peace of mind.


In Louisiana, specific electrical permits are needed to install a standby generator. While this can influence the overall cost, it allows for a straightforward process. After the installation, make sure to bring in an inspector to approve the work, to ensure the the device meets safety standards. When you work with Generator Supercenter Heartland, you benefit from the expertise of our certified electricians to do the work for you.

Louisiana also uses the National Electrical Code (NEC) wholesale. This includes a comprehensive set of standards for electrical labor that can increase installation costs.


For some more modern or sizeable generators, you will need to work with an installer who has a contractor’s license. Although this could have a marginal effect on labor costs, qualified professionals will be able to finish the work quickly and to professional standards.

Another benefit is that you can offset the cost of many newer generators in some areas of Mississippi due to local grants or incentives. 


Alabama has specific energy codes all generators must comply with. Professionals in the area will be able to talk you through any extra steps they might need to take, helping you remain informed about the process.

Alabama also has lower hourly rates for energy installation than other locations, which can likely result in a lower overall cost.


Much like the other locations, Arkansas requires a state-certified inspector to check the work once it is done. The state also follows the NEC, though is not as strict as Louisiana and has different local amendments. You should discuss the ins and outs of this with your installer.

Generator Size and Features

Choosing a larger generator size is a prudent decision, especially in regions with a recent history of power outages. While this may entail additional labor, it is a crucial step in ensuring your generator can handle any power demand effectively.

Several factors can influence labor costs, such as:

1. Air-Cooled Generator: Clearing the area around a generator is essential for optimal airflow, ensuring high performance. If your unit does not require liquid cooling, the entire process becomes simpler and quicker, thanks to less intricate electrical work.

2. Generator Type: Different generator types come with their unique requirements, such as gas lines or specific airflow needs.

Hiring a skilled and licensed electrician can streamline the process, making it smooth and efficient, thus helping you avoid unnecessary delays.

The Best Help With Installing a Standby Generator

Understanding the labor costs associated with installing a standby generator is just the first step.

Here at Generator Supercenter, we can help inform you of what you need and get the ball rolling to a permanently powered future. Contact us and request a quote today to get the peace of mind you need.

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