What Is the Difference Between an Automatic Standby Generator vs a Portable Generator?

Image of an orange, electrical generator tucked away in a grey shed.

Living through a power outage is more than just inconvenient – it can pose a serious safety risk when handled poorly. Power outages can disrupt communication systems and stop people from using medical devices. Food can spoil, water can become contaminated, and banks and delivery services may shut down. A generator can help you get through these […]

Let’s Talk GenMonitor What’s the Value in the GenMoniter Program?

Generac Generator

Imagine never worrying about your whole home generator failing when you need it most. But how do you keep track of its health and efficiency without becoming an expert yourself? GenMonitor is our generator maintenance program designed to bring ease and peace of mind to your generator upkeep. Read on to discover how a whole house generator functions […]

I Haven’t Had a Power Outage In a Long Time, Why Do I Need a Generator?

In 2018, the average New Orleans resident experienced 124 minutes of outages. In 2021, those numbers increased exponentially due to Hurricane Ida. Then 2022 rolled around and still had increased numbers at 149 minutes.  Living on the Gulf Coast, the risk is present even if you haven’t experienced a power outage in years. However, investing in a […]

Does My Business Need a Generator? Is It Worth the Investment?

Imagine everything has been running smoothly for your business lately. You’re even on track to exceed your target metrics. Out of nowhere, a power outage makes it impossible to maintain your operations. This can be a difficult scenario for many companies to accommodate, as unplanned downtime can cost businesses approximately $250,000 per hour. Having access to […]

When Is the Best Time to Purchase a Generator?

Imagine a sudden power outage in the middle of a family gathering. The lights go off, the air conditioner stops, and the food in the refrigerator starts to spoil. This scenario is not just inconvenient but can also be costly. A generator is a powerful solution to such problems, providing peace of mind and continuity […]

Why a Home Standby Generator?

The average American will experience over 8 hours of power outages per year. A standby generator can help you get through this inconvenience safely and seamlessly. We’re going to discuss the basics of these types of generators and their many benefits. Read on to learn why a home standby generator is a worthwhile investment. The Basics of […]

Whole House Generator Buyer’s Guide

Power outages can sabotage our lives and leave us without essentials. This can make it a huge challenge to maintain a comfortable and functional home. Whole-house generators offer a solution to this problem by providing a reliable backup power source. Yet, choosing the right whole-house generator can be an overwhelming chore. Do you need a […]

Putting a Standby Generator in the Garage

Only about 15% of American homes have a backup power solution, which means that when a power outage strikes the majority of people are left without the ability to light their homes and power refrigerators, air conditioning units, and medical equipment. A standby generator can be incredibly useful in a home – especially if you […]

What Is the Labor Cost to Install a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is often a lifesaver when the lights go out during a storm. While installing a standby generator may require the help of a professional, it is also a worthy investment if you want long-term peace of mind. So, what would this labor cost, and what are the benefits you would receive from […]

Where Is the Best Place to Install a Generac Generator?

Where should you place your generator? It’s not a trivial decision. The placement of your generator can be the difference between optimal performance and potential hazards. Delving into the nuanced aspects of Generac generator installation, this blog seeks to dispel myths, underscore essential guidelines, and offer clarity. By the end, you’ll not only appreciate the […]