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Essential Tips for Hiring a Whole Home Generator Installer

Hurricane Ida blew through Louisiana in August 2021. In the chaos, over 1 million people lost power. One month later, thousands still had no electric service.

Power outages create more than an inconvenience. For some people, particularly those with serious health conditions, they can be deadly. 

That’s where a whole-home generator comes to the rescue.

To enjoy the benefits of a generator, you need to find the best generator installer to get the job done right. It’s not complicated, but you’ll want to read our tips.

Take a minute to learn more about how to find a qualified installer who can get your new generator up and running.

Source Research and Recommendations

Hiring someone to install your new Generac generator shouldn’t be stressful. Spending some time on research is a simple step you can take. Asking for personal referrals is one way to do stress-free due diligence. Have any of your friends, family, or neighbors installed a generator recently? First-hand experiences shared by people you know are priceless. Word-of-mouth referrals often uncover hidden gems in your local community.

Next, do some online investigating. Look for generator installers in your area. Use search engines or local business directories. Visit generator installers’ websites to get a sense of their services and expertise. Pay close attention to the content on the installers’ websites. It can reveal their knowledge about the various types of generators. You may also find clues about the quality of their work.

Use Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angi to check reviews and ratings. Reviews from previous customers can tell you a lot about an installer. Pay attention to what people say about their satisfaction with their installation.

Use your research findings to create a shortlist of potential generator installers. This step is vital in laying the foundation for a successful installation.

Does the Installer Have Certifications?

A reliable generator installer should have two things. First, is the qualifications to install your generator. What we mean by that is the installer must be familiar with the generator brand you’ve chosen. There are many brands, and each has unique features.

Second, the installer should have the right certifications. Did you buy a Generac generator? If so, the installer should have an affiliation with Generac. Factory training is essential, so ask if they have it. Certifications show a commitment to high standards and continuous training.

Hire a Generator Installer with Experience

When you’re hiring a generator installer, don’t underestimate the power of experience. It’s a pivotal factor that can influence the outcome of your project. Whole-home generator installations are not just about setting up a piece of equipment. Installation involves electrical work and fuel connections. Qualified installers make sure your new generator integrates with your home’s electrical system.

Experienced installers can navigate complex installations. In any generator installation, unforeseen challenges can arise. Seasoned installers have worked through a range of situations. Experience sharpens an installer’s problem-solving skills. Those skills help them identify and resolve issues without risking delays or complications.

Finally, experience usually goes hand-in-hand with an excellent installation track record. You’re more likely to get a high-quality installation.

Will the Installer Perform a Site Inspection?

When searching for the right generator installer, consider their approach to site inspection. Ask about the customization of your generator installation. These are critical aspects of installation for several reasons.

You need the optimal generator size. A generator that’s too small for your needs won’t provide enough power during outages, and an oversized generator can lead to unnecessary costs.

Site inspections help installers determine the right generator size for your specific requirements, and help your installer understand your home’s layout. During the inspection, they’ll determine your home’s electrical demands. This allows the installer to customize the installation to fit your specific circumstances.

Finally, site inspections help the installer make sure they follow local building codes. Codes and regulations can vary. Inspections can help avoid issues with code compliance.

Transparency is Vital

When buying a generator and hiring a generator installer, transparency is critical. You need to know what you’re paying for, and how much you’re paying. Installing a whole-home Generac generator is a significant investment. Transparent pricing allows you to plan and keep to your budget. Without transparent pricing, you may be susceptible to hidden fees or unexpected expenses. These things can impact your project cost. By knowing all the costs upfront, you can make informed decisions. 

For transparent pricing, ask for detailed quotes for your project. All quotes should include a cost breakdown of:

  • Equipment
  • Labor
  • Permits

Don’t forget to ask about expenses that may come up during installation.

You’ll want to consider long-term costs. This could include things like maintenance and potential fuel costs for your generator.  One question to ask when going over pricing is, “How much natural gas (NG) or propane (LP) does a Generac generator use?”

A transparent installer will provide insights into these ongoing costs.

Does the Generator Installer Offer Maintenance?

Ongoing performance is just as important as the initial installation. Without regular maintenance, generators may not run reliably during power outages.

Make sure you talk with prospective installers about their maintenance services (same link). Many generator installers offer service plans and long-term maintenance packages. Maintenance includes routine tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, and system checks. Ask the installer to give you a clear maintenance plan and make sure it’s tailored to the brand you’ve chosen.

It’s worth discussing emergency support, too. Your generator may encounter issues between scheduled maintenance visits. Knowing that you can count on your installer for help when you need it means peace of mind for you and your family.

We Specialize in Generac Generator Installations

Hiring a generator installer for your Generac generator is a significant decision. By following our essential tips, you’ll feel prepared to find a qualified and reliable professional for the job.

Generator Supercenter Heartland has a team of expert installers. We specialize in installing and servicing Generac generators.

Don’t wait until the next power outage! Take action today to secure the ability to power your home, no matter what. 

We’re happy to get a quote started for you today!

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